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Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skinNoir
SpeciesVitis vinifera
Also calledSee list of synonyms
VIVC number9734

Prokupac is a red Serbian wine grape that is often used to produce darkly colored rosé. The grape is noted for the high sugar levels it can achieve prior to harvest and the high levels of alcohol it can produce following fermentation.[1]

The reasons why Prokupac is widespread grape in Serbia include:[2]

  • resistance to low temperatures
  • not requiring much care
  • giving abundant harvest even on skeletal soil and
  • having high sugar content


Prokupac is also known under the synonyms Crnka, Darchin, Kamenicarka, Kamenilarka, Kamenitscharka, Majski Cornii, Negotinsko Crno, Nichevka, Nikodimka, Nisevka, Procoupatz, Procupac, Prokoupatz, Prokupats, Prokupatz, Prokupec, Prokupka, Rekavac, Rekovacka Crnka, Rskavac, Rskavats, Rskavaty, Scopsko Cherno, Skopsko Crno, Skopsko Tsrno, Tsrnina, Zachinok, Zaichin, Zarchin, Zarcin, Zartchin, Zartchine.[3]


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