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Proleksis Encyclopedia
Type of site
Online encyclopedia
Available inCroatian
EditorAntun Vujić
Launched8 April 2009[1]
Current statusActive
Content license

The Proleksis Encyclopedia (Croatian: Proleksis enciklopedija) is the first Croatian general and national online encyclopedia.[2]

Proleksis Encyclopedia features more than 62,000 articles and more than 17,000 photographs, illustrations and maps.[1][2] It is freely available to registered users of CARNet, the Croatian national research and education network.[2] The users cannot change the encyclopedia's content directly, but they can post comments and corrections, or submit new articles, all subject to approval by the Editorial Board.[3] The encyclopedia aims to enlarge the number of entries using input from collaborators.[3]

Proleksis Encyclopedia is a result of collaboration between CARNet and Pro Leksis d.o.o., started in February 2008, and is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.[2][3] It was created by approximately 50 editors, headed by a 9-person Editorial Board.[2] Its Editor-in-Chief is Antun Vujić.[1]

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