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Type Weekly newspaper
Editor-in-chief Lars Rothelius
Founded 1970
Political alignment Marxist-Leninist
Language Swedish
Headquarters Fjärde Långgatan 8B, Gothenburg
Circulation 3,200 (2013)
OCLC number 643465774

Proletären (meaning "the proletarian"; in full Marxist-leninist Proletären) is a Swedish Marxist-Leninist weekly newspaper published by the Communist Party.

History and profile[edit]

Proletären was founded in 1970. About a third of the paper is sold in the streets.

A lot of famous Swedes, such as Jan Myrdal, Peter Birro and Sven Wollter, who is a member of the Communist Party, have had their articles published in Proletären.

Proletären had a circulation of 3,200 copies in 2013.[1]

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