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Promar Televisión
Type Broadcast Television Network
Branding Promar TV
Country Venezuela
Availability Lara (channel 27, except in El Tocuyo and Carora where it can be seen on channels 13 and 4, respectively), Barinas (channel 29), Portuguesa (channel 25), and Yaracuy (channel 25)
Key people
Jorge Kossowski, Promar TV President
Launch date
November, 1995
Official website
Promar TV

Promar TV is a Venezuelan regional television station that can be seen in the Lara, Barinas, Portuguesa, and Yaracuy states.


Promar TV was created in the Lara State as an independent television produccion company called Mariano & Co. towards the end of the year 1949. Its founders were Mariano Kossowski and his brother Andrés Kossowski.

The first produccion by Mariano & Co. was a newscast, which began airing at the end of the year 1950 and was seen in clubs, schools, and on a large screen located in the parking lot of the local Sears. This was the very first newscast that was made in the interior of the country.

"El noticiero Lara" remained on the air until 1953, when it was shut down by the local municipal council because they considered it to be an unfair competitor to the local movie theaters.

In that same year (1953), television appeared in Venezuela. "El noticiero Lara" was developed into a correspondence for the national television station, Radio Caracas Televisión. By then Mariano Co. had their offices located in Barquisimeto, but they would later open offices throughout most of the country.

In the 1960s, Mariano Co. began to make its own televised program known as "Actualidades", whose main objectives was to educate people who were living in the capital of Venezuela on Lara's culture. Actualidades stopped being produced in 1975 when its time slot was given to El Observador's midday broadcast. Fortunately Mariano Co. had excellent contracts to produce other programs such as "Venezuela Vibra", "Dimensión Humana", and "Alerta" to name a few.

After several decades of producing shows for other television stations, Mariano Co. decided to create its own television station.

Promar TV, as its known today, first went on the air in November 1995, broadcasting from Barquisimeto. Today, Promar TV is on the air 24 hours a day.


A list of the programs that are made by Pomar TV can be seen at their website at

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