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Promega Corporation
Formerly called
Industry Biotechnology
Founded 1978 Madison, Wisconsin
Headquarters Fitchburg, Wisconsin, United States
Key people
William A. Linton Chairman and CEO
Revenue $300 million USD (2011)
Number of employees
~1200 worldwide (2012)

Promega Corporation is a manufacturer of enzymes and other products for biotechnology and molecular biology with a portfolio covering the fields of genomics, protein analysis and expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery and genetic identity.[1]


Promega Corporation was founded by Bill Linton in 1978 to provide restriction enzymes for biotechnology.[2] The company now offers more than 3,000 life science products used by scientists, researchers and life science and pharmaceutical companies. Promega has 1,200 employees, including nearly 700 at the headquarters location in Fitchburg, WI. In 2011, sales were approximately $300 million.[3]

The privately held company has branch offices in 15 countries and more than 50 global distributors serving 100 countries.[4] Promega Corporation also established the first biotechnology joint venture in China (Sino-American Biotechnology Co. in 1985).[5]

The company has developed an on-site stocking system, which uses radio frequency identification (RFID) linked to the internet to track and manage remote inventory. This resulted in the spin-off company Terso Solutions that specializes in the design and manufacture of small RFID storage units.[6]

Product Areas and Technologies[edit]


The company's portfolio began with products for genomics researchers and now includes cloning systems, luciferase reporters, and amplification products as well as the original restriction and modifying enzymes. The portfolio of amplification products includes the GoTaq family of polymerases and buffers and the Plexor quantitative PCR system.[citation needed]

Genetic Identity and Forensics[edit]

The company is one of two main suppliers of systems for genetic identification based on DNA analysis using short tandem repeats (STRs).[7] Promega was the first company to provide kits for STR analysis of single loci.[7] Along with Applied Biosystems, Promega participated with the FBI and other crime labs in validating STR loci that would eventually be selected as the core loci for the COmbined DNA Index System (CODIS), used for forensic DNA testing in North America.[citation needed]

The Promega PowerPlex STR systems were the first commercially available systems for STR analysis that contained all of the CODIS loci.[7]


The company was an early supplier in the cell-free protein synthesis field and is continuing to develop its portfolio in this area.[8]

Cellular Analysis and Drug Discovery[edit]

Promega offers a range of products for cell biology and drug discovery, many of which are built upon bioluminescence technology. Assays for drug discovery are used globally and include biochemical and cell-based assays. In 2010, Promega launched a custom assay services business for biologics and small molecule drug development.[citation needed]

Integrated Platforms[edit]

The company's bioluminescence assays, DNA and RNA purification chemistries, and HaloTag technologies integrate with the high-throughput automated systems found in many laboratories. Some of this integration has occurred through collaboration with instrument manufacturers.

The company also sells their own Maxwell RSC and Maxwell RSC 48 Systems, bench-top automated purification systems for low and middle throughput research and diagnostic laboratories.[9]

Promega GloMax Luminometers are supplied with preinstalled protocols that allow researchers to perform multiplex bioluminescent assays. The luminometers with injection systems are available for use with dual-reporter assays like the Dual-Luciferase systems.

The Y-Chromosome Deletion Detection System from Promega also carries the CE Mark for use as an in vitro diagnostic device in the European Union.[citation needed]


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