Promised Land (2002 film)

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Promised Land
Directed by Jason Xenopoulos
Written by Karel Schoeman (novel)
Jason Xenopoulos
Starring Nick Boraine
Music by Arvo Pärt
Release date
Running time
100 min.
Country South Africa
Language English
Budget >R15

Promised Land is a 2002 film based on the 1978 English translation of the award-winning Afrikaans novel, Na die Geliefde Land (1972) by the South African author, Karel Schoeman.

The film was directed by Jason Xenopoulos and starred Nick Boraine; other cast included Lida Botha, Wilma Stõckenstrom, Louis van Niekerk, Tobie Cronje, Grant Swanby, Daniel Browde, Ian Roberts, Dan Robbertse and Yvonne van den Bergh. It was made on a budget of just over R15 (~2US$).

It won the Best Screenplay Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2002.

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