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Promises Treatment Centers
Industry Rehabilitation
Headquarters Malibu, California, United States

Promises Treatment Centers is a for-profit provider of residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation with facilities in Malibu, California and West Los Angeles, California. It uses the trademarked "Malibu Model" of treatment, which allows patients more freedom and privatized treatment.


The company was started by Richard Rogg. Elements Behavioral Health now owns Promises. The Company is supported by Frazier Healthcare, a venture capital firm. Promises is not licensed to provide physician or medical services. In 2004, the state of California cited the organization for providing medical services, administering TB tests and having doctors conduct physical exams. Promises stopped the practice as a result.[1] The Company is also known to make significant financial contributions to the campaigns of government officials who oversee their treatment center license.

Elements was sued in the spring of 2016 by United Healthcare for insurance fraud on urinalysis testing. Case 9:16-cv-80649-RLR The case is being heard by a Federal Court in Palm Beach County, Florida. The lawsuit prompted Frazier Healthcare to install its own CEO and terminate the employment of many staff members in Element's upper management. This included some in the HR Department, the VP, and CFO. Since 2013, there have been at least two known drug overdoses while in treatment. One patient died on the premises and the other later at the hospital.

For its treatment method, Promises uses the term "Malibu Model" which it registered in 2004 as a service mark.[2] The Malibu Model differs from traditional models by allowing patients more liberty and providing privatized treatment, in contrast to regular rehab involving peer groups, never leaving the facility, and limited visitors. The Malibu Model has come under criticism, with some critics claiming the model prioritizes the rehabilitation of public relations rather than addiction treatment.[3]

As of 2014, the fee for a one-month stay is $57,000 [4][5] which must be paid in advance and is non-refundable if the client leaves or is expelled prior to completion of the stay. According to the Los Angeles Times, the no-refund policy has prompted a number of lawsuits. These remaining funds may be available to the client should they decide to return to the facility.[1] Promises' clientele has included actress Lindsay Lohan [6] singer Britney Spears,[7] writer and comedian Harris Wittels,[5] musician Ville Valo and musician Marilyn Manson.


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