Promptorium parvulorum

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Promptorium parvulorum
Author Attributed to Geoffrey the Grammarian
Country England
Language Latin, Middle English
Subject Bilingual dictionary

The Promptorium parvulorum (Latin: "Storehouse for children") is an English-Latin bilingual dictionary which was completed about year 1440. It was the first English-to-Latin dictionary.[1] It occupies about 300 printed book pages.[2] Its authorship is attributed to Geoffrey the Grammarian, a friar who lived in Lynn, Norfolk, England.[3]

After the invention of the printing press the Promptorium was published repeatedly in the early 16th century by the printer Wynkyn de Worde.[3] In the 19th century the Camden Society republished it under the extended title Promptorium parvulorum sive clericorum (“Storehouse for children or clerics”).[1] For language historians it is a major reference work for the vocabulary of late medieval English. It is a frequently cited reference in today's primary dictionary of late medieval English, the Middle English Dictionary.

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