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Pronto Pup Company, Inc.
Founded 1962
Headquarters Portland, Oregon
Key people
David John Sulmonetti, President
Revenue $300,000
Number of employees

The Pronto Pup Company is a company based in Portland, Oregon that manufactures the Pronto Pup corn dog mix.


The Pronto Pup was invented by the husband and wife team of George and Versa Boyington in the late 1930s in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.[1] The Boyingtons ran a small hot dog stand on the beach, selling the dogs to tourists and locals alike. When the rain came and ruined the buns, making them soggy and inedible, George Boyington came up with the idea of cooking a "bun" as needed. He created a pancake batter based mix and the duo came up with the formula used today.[1]


Pronto Pups

Pronto Pups are made with a pancake batter based mix and should not be confused with the corn dog, which is coated in a batter made with corn flour.[1]


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