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Proof most often refers to:

  • Proof (truth), argument or sufficient evidence for the truth of a proposition
  • Alcohol proof, a measure of an alcoholic drink's strength

Proof may also refer to:

Mathematics and formal logic[edit]

Law and philosophy[edit]

Manufacturing and printing[edit]

  • Artist's proof, a single print taken during the printmaking process
  • Galley proof, a preliminary version of a publication
  • Prepress proof, a facsimile of press artwork for job verification
  • Proof coinage, coins once made as a test, but now specially struck for collectors
  • Proof of concept, demonstration that a concept has practical potential
  • Proof test, stress test of structures such as vessels and weapons
  • Proofreading, reviewing a manuscript for errors or improvements



  • Proof School, San Francisco, California, USA; a secondary school

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