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Proof School
973 Mission Street

Coordinates37°46′53″N 122°24′29″W / 37.781271°N 122.407927°W / 37.781271; -122.407927Coordinates: 37°46′53″N 122°24′29″W / 37.781271°N 122.407927°W / 37.781271; -122.407927
TypePrivate School Secondary
FounderIan Brown, Paul Zeitz, and Dennis Leary
DeanSam Vandervelde (mathematics); Zachary Sifuentes (humanities)

Proof School is a school in San Francisco for pupils who love mathematics. Their slogan is "For kids who love math." The school opened in the fall of 2015 with 45 students in grades 6–10.[1] Currently, 94.4 students in grades 6–12 are enrolled in Proof School for the academic year (2018–2019).


Proof School is a full-curriculum day school that emphasizes communication, collaboration, and problem solving. The school is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The school year is divided into 5 'blocks', each of which consist of 6 normal academic weeks and a build week.

Each student has 5 courses: 4 'morning' courses that vary across grades, and a math class. The morning courses meet twice a week for 80 minutes per class. The math courses meet for two hours and ten minutes every day in the afternoon.

The (non-post-calculus) math classes focus on a different subject each block: Block 1 is Combinatorics, Block 2 is Algebra, Block 3 is Geometry, Block 4 is Algebra and Pre-Calculus, and Block 5 is Number Theory.

Teams and Clubs[edit]

Proof School currently has a number of internal clubs, as well as a Zero Robotics team called Proof Robotics. The team is currently in the finals of the competition, and is the leading member of the alliance Hit or Miss with the following teams: Crab Nebula from Liveo Cecioni in Livorno, Italy and Rock Rovers from Council Rock High School South in Holland, PA, USA.


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