Proofpoint Systems, Inc

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Proofpoint Systems, Inc.
Industry Cloud computing
Founded 2003
Headquarters Los Altos, California, United States
Key people
CEO: Jim Hill
Products Browser-based software
Precision metrics
Organizational performance analysis

Proofpoint Systems, Inc. is a provider of software, systems, and programs that support individual and organizational performance. Based in Silicon Valley (Los Altos, California) and founded in 2003 by Jim Hill, Proofpoint Systems developed the first browser-based performance analysis software systems.

Proofpoint Systems has research and development facilities in Denver, Colorado, as well as sales offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Washington, D.C.



Proofpoint Systems was founded in 2003 by Jim Hill, a retired United States Marine Corps officer and former Sun Microsystems executive.[1][2][3] In the same year, Proofpoint secured contracts with the United States Navy, resulting an International Society for Performance Improvement award in 2005.[4]

Initial product development[edit]

The patent for Proofpoint Systems' performance analysis support system (PASS) was filed on April 5, 2006 and published on October 25, 2007.[5] PASS operates by guiding a user through a "detailed, consistent analysis process... helping organizational leaders accurately diagnose critical performance or productivity issues".[6]

Proofpoint's first product, Comprehensive Performance Analysis Support System (ComPASS), was later developed as a web-based organizational analysis system for management consulting engagements.[7][8] In 2006, ComPASS was a finalist for the Stevie Awards in the category of best new product or service.[9] In the same year, Proofpoint Systems was awarded with United States Navy contracts to support strategic planning of manpower, training, and education.

Proofpoint offers other products and services including: strategic planning, goal development, web based diagnostics and assessment.

Corporate timeline[edit]

  • Jan 2003 Proofpoint Systems, Inc. founded by Jim Hill in Los Altos, CA
  • Apr 2003 Secures first engagement with US Navy
  • Nov 2004 Moves R&D operations to Denver, Colorado
  • Feb 2005 US Navy selects Proofpoint Systems for development of Human Performance Center [10]
  • Apr 2005 Receives Award of Excellence from International Society for Performance Improvement for its project "Optimizing Naval Warfighting Performance" [11][12]
  • Jan 2006 Unveils two new products, QuickPASS and ComPASS, as well as free trial version of powerful Performance Analysis Support System
  • May 2006 Performance Analysis Support System named as finalist in the Best New Product or Service category of the 2006 American Business Awards [13]
  • Sep 2006 Unveils new product, Goal Alignment System (GOALS)
  • May 2007 Goal Alignment System named as finalist in the Best New Product or Service category of the 2007 American Business Awards [14][15]
  • Oct 2007 Establishes strategic relationship with L-3 Communications Holdings and lists products on L3 GSA Schedule [16]
  • May 2008 Receives joint Letter of Appreciation from Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense
  • May 2008 Faculty Assessment and Contribution Planning System named as finalist in the Best New Product or Service category of the 2008 American Business Awards [17]
  • Oct 2009 Proofpoint Systems awarded Department of Defense Global Security Cooperation contract in direct support of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency
  • Apr 2010 Department of Defense extends Global Security Cooperation contract with Proofpoint Systems


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