Propeller Recordings

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Propeller Recordings
Founded 2003
Founder Frithjof Hungnes
Genre Various
Country of origin Norway
Location Oslo, London
Official website

Propeller Recordings is a Norwegian independent record label,[1] launched in 2003 in Oslo. It has grown into an influential label both in its home city as well as worldwide, and has now expanded to include a UK office based in London.

The label operates across a wide number of genres and concentrates on Norwegian artists who have commercial potential worldwide.[2] The current roster including Dagny, Highasakite, Sløtface, Moddi, Apothek, The Fjords, Hanne Hukkelberg, Frøkedal and Thea & The Wild.

Propeller Recordings also now boasts sister label 0E0E[3] (pronounced naughty-naughty) founded in 2015 in London, UK as a singles club. 0E0E has grown over the years and includes current artists such as Tempesst, Harlea and PLGRMS.

The label also set up Propeller Communications;[4] an in-house online and radio PR service for all Propeller Recordings and 0E0E artists as well as external clients. Because of this, it covers a wide varieties or artists across many different genres.[5]


In 2011, as a result of a competitive review by jury deliberation, the label was awarded a 3-year subsidy from Music Export Norway under the terms of the Music Export Norway's Export Program. This is funding to the tune of up to NOK 300,000 ($50,000 USD) per year for up to three years. The total value per project can be up to NOK 900,000 (US$150,000).[6]

At the start of 2017 it was announced that 5 artists from Propeller Recordings - Highasakite, Dagny, Moddi, Marte Wulff and Frøkedal - had received nominations for the Spellemannprisen awards, with Highasakite and Dagny receiving two nominations each. Often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Awards[7] the ceremony is highly prestigious and seen as the highest accolade a Norwegian musician can receive in their home country - with previous winners including A-Ha, Aurora, Kygo, Susanne Sundfør. The ceremony will take place on 28 January 2017.

Current Artists[edit]

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