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Proper may refer to:


  • Proper map, in topology, a property of continuous function between topological spaces, if inverse images of compact subsets are compact
  • Proper morphism, in algebraic geometry, an analogue of a proper map for algebraic varieties
  • Proper transfer function, a transfer function in control theory in which the degree of the numerator does not exceed the degree of the denominator
  • Proper equilibrium, in game theory, a refinement of the Nash equilibrium
  • Proper subset
  • Proper space

Other uses[edit]

  • Proper (liturgy), the part of a Christian liturgy that is specific to the date within the Liturgical Year
  • Proper frame, such system of reference in which object is stationary (non moving), sometimes also called a co-moving frame
  • Proper (heraldry), in heraldry, means depicted in natural colors
  • Proper Records, a UK record label
  • Proper (album), an album by Into It. Over It. released in 2011
  • Proper (often capitalized PROPER), a corrected release in response to a previously released online video or movie that contains transcoding or other playback errors

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