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Propertini, Inc
Privately held company
Industry Real Estate
Founded August 2012
Headquarters Mountain View, California, US

Propertini is an online global residential real estate search engine.[1] The company was formed in August 2012[2] and is based in Mountain View, California. The company is privately held and is incorporated in Delaware.

The company provides a graphical map-based search utilizing a geo-coordinate-based indexing methodology. Users are offered a map-based tool to select a center-point and radius to search within. The company only allows professional real estate agents to be indexed in their search results and does not charge for listing property.[3]

Propertini collates an ongoing stream of real estate related research, news and general interest stories that are curated on Twitter,[4] as well as collate property-related images on Pinterest to help stimulate ideas for those looking to move home or to renovate their home.

The company announced in February 2014 that they had found evidence of Benford's Law appearing in house price data.[5] The claim asserts that the first digit of the set of house prices follows a probability mass function where 1 is the leading digit on a third of the data set, with 9 being the leading digit on only 5% of the house price data set. The company's announcement also claims to have seen evidence of this law in the distribution of the number of properties in the inventory of each branch.[6]

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