Prophets of Regulation

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Prophets of Regulation
Prophets of Regulation (book cover).jpg
Author Thomas K. McCraw
Publisher Belknap
Publication date
Pages 416 pp.
ISBN 9780674716087

Prophets of Regulation: Charles Francis Adams, Louis D. Brandeis, James M. Landis, Alfred E. Kahn is a book by American business historian Thomas K. McCraw, published in 1984, which won the 1985 Pulitzer Prize for History.[1]

The book is about the American trade and industry regulation history, profiling Charles Francis Adams, Louis D. Brandeis, James M. Landis, and Alfred E. Kahn.[1] “McCraw explains sophisticated economic theory in accessible terms, and he has a historian’s knack for isolating such basic American traits as a mistrust of big business and for showing how regulators manipulated these traits to implement their policies.” (New York Times Book Review)[2]


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