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Prophilax is a comedy rock band from Rome, Italy, formed in 1990. They have released four studio albums and one live album. They define their genre as " Porno Rock"


Prophilax were founded in 1990 by Fabio Pinci (also singer in Sanculamo). They enjoyed success among the teenagers of Rome almost immediately for their songs dealt with students and sex. In 1991 and 1992 they produced two demo records of raw energy titled Voci dall'oltrechiavica (Voices from the over-sewer) and Viaggio nella dimensione anale (A journey to the anal dimension) that spread around the young who began to know the band as a good live act. Then they recorded Il signore delle fogne (Lord of the sewers), their most known work. Subsequently they wrote Under Cool (in Romanesco cool sounds like "ass") that came to be recorded professionally in the studios of Toni Armetta in December 1993, but like the others Under Cool wasn't more than a demo. It was censored first by the producers and then by editors, so it was released seven months later, in September 1994.

The songs of the first two demos were re-released in higher quality in March 1996 as Nerkiology (something like "Dick-ology").

The second official album was Il quinto escremento (The fifth excrement), recorded at Temple of Noise Studios, produced by Domani musica and distributed by Frontiers Records. The third was a live album called Analive.

In 2008 Prophilax released Coito ergo sum,which contains a lot of satiric songs beyond their classic "Porno rock" tracks.

To celebrate their 20th year of activity, in 2010 is released Vent'anni di Analità (20 Years of Anality), which contains 2 new tracks: "Stamo ancora Qua" ("We're still here", a self-celebrative song in which Prophilax briefly resume their story) and "M'arrazzo col Trans" (A song about a sexual scandal which involved an Italian governor),plus re-recordings of 12 old classics chosen by the fans.

In February 2013, the band announce to be working on their new studio album called "Pornado",set for release in May 2014.






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