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The Domain Name System of the Internet consists of a set of top-level domains which constitute the root domain of the hierarchical name space and database. In the growth of the Internet, it became desirable to expand the set of initially six generic top-level domains in 1984. As a result, new top-level domain names have been proposed for implementation by ICANN. Such proposals included a variety of models ranging from adoption of policies for unrestricted gTLDs that could be registered by anyone for any purpose, to chartered gTLDs for specialized uses by specialized organizations.[1] In October 2000, ICANN published a list of proposals for top-level domain strings it had received.[2]

Geographic proposals[edit]

  • .geo - Generic geographical locations.
  • .africa - General category for African websites.
  • .ln and .le - Currently being sold by Dennis Hope's "Lunar Embassy Commission" alongside .lunar, .moon, .venus, .mars, .jupiter, .saturn, .uranus, .neptune, .pluto. People who purchase novelty deeds for outer space property from him are also given free domains.[3] None of these TLDs are supported at present by root servers.
  • .toronto - was proposed by City of Toronto staff.

Internationalized country code top-level domains[edit]

The following ccTLDs (Country code top-level domains) have been requested using a procedure known as Internationalized domain name (or IDN) ccTLD Fast Track Process. It is possible that some requests have been withdrawn.

DNS name IDN ccTLD Country Transliteration Script ccTLD Year of application
xn--qxa6a .ευ [4]  European Union ey Greek .eu 2010
xn--4dbrk0ce ישראל.[5]  Israel Israel Hebrew .il 2008
xn--wgv71a .日本[6][7]  Japan Nippon or Nihon Kanji (both Kyūjitai and Shinjitai) .jp 2008
xn--vcst06ab2a .日本国[6] Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku Kanji (Shinjitai) 2012
xn--q7ce6a .ລາວ [8]  Laos Lao or Laao Lao .la 2008
xn--mgbb7fyab ليبيا.  Libya Lībyā Arabic .ly

The following countries have national languages which use other script than Latin, but have no internationalized country code top-level domain, and none proposed in the above list:

Language and community[edit]

These proposals are centered on creating an independent Internet identity for linguistic and cultural communities. They are mostly inspired by the success of the .cat domain created for websites in the Catalan language or about the Catalan culture.

Domain name intended use sponsor year of proposal comments
.cym Welsh language and Wales dotCYM Cyf 2006 It was proposed by dotCYM for Welsh language and Wales, but ICANN reserved for eventual assignment to the Cayman Islands. See also .cymru and .wales.
.eng England DotEng 2008 The website was set up by John Sewell of Maidenhead in Berkshire. Mentioned in PC Pro Online: Campaign begins for .eng domain, Stuart Turton, 23 April 2008
.ker Cornish language and Cornwall (Kernow) in general Cornish World Magazine[9] 2008
.lli Leonese language and Leonese culture puntuLLI 2007 Several companies, associations, organisations and institutions are involved in this campaign.
.nai Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous peoples of the Americas nai 1999 The original proposal for a Native American managed TLD predates ICANN, and its form was adopted by ICANN as the "sponsored" type of application and eventual contract in the 2001 new gTLD round. .nai's mission is to implement a top-level name space with an indigenous policy, provide an alternative to the several thousand indigenous public administrations, and the larger numbers of indigenous non-governmental, linguistic and cultural institutional, public and private economic enterprises, bands and individuals in the Western Hemisphere currently using name spaces operated under for-profit or colonial policies, and promote the economic development of Indian Country.
.sco[10] Scotland dotSCO 2005 dotSCO began in late 2005 and has been campaigning to build support for a new TLD from among the Scots community around the world. The campaign now appears to be defunct, effectively replaced by now approved .scot.
.sic[11] Székely Land Pontsic Foundation 2009 pontSIC began in late 2008 and has been campaigning to build support for a new TLD from among the Székely community around the world. The campaign was started by the Szekler National Council, and now are involved several companies and institutions. As of September 2009 there are over 33,200 signatories.
  • Note: The dotCYMRU, dotEUS, dotSCOT and dotBZH have formed the ECLID, the European Cultural and Linguistic Internet Domains umbrella group to lobby for the successful and speedy application for the bids.

Domains for children[edit]

Several entities have proposed a top-level domain named kids. As of 2009, none of these proposals have been implemented.

Applications for a kids domain have included:

  • Blueberry Hill Communications, Inc., a domain name registration and hosting company in California, submitted a proposal[12] Registry services would be subcontracted to Neustar and Melbourne IT. Registrars are selected under same criteria and process currently imposed by ICANN. This proposal would not rely on objective criteria for categorizing content.
  • DotKids, established in 2000 in Rosemont, Illinois intends to utilize SARAF Software Solutions Inc. for software development of a kids registry. DotKids would deal only with ICANN accredited registrars; content rating information is to be retained in the registry and is to describe ratings for an entire site.[13]
  • ICM Registry, Inc. request the kids TLD[14] as an integrated solution for improving child safety on the Internet by implicitly attempting to restrict content across both TLDs and targeting a narrow registrant group.
  • .KIDS Domains, Inc.[15] is a California for-profit corporation; the proposed registry operator is Toronto-based domain name registrar Tucows Inc. Kids would be a restricted TLD. .KIDS Domains therefore does not intend to allow other registrars to register domain names.

Current projects also aimed at creating a TLD for children include:

  • The DotJunior Project,[16] an organisation established in late 2014 trying to launch a .Junior TLD for child safety purposes.

The European Parliament has also proposed kid for websites designed for children.[citation needed] It would be monitored by an independent authority.

In US a sub-domain for children had established since 2003 based on "Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002, PL 107-317".(us) exists a second-level domain However, on 27 July 2012 NTIA decided to suspend it.[17][18]

Technical domain name themes[edit]

Specialized and professional topics[edit]

Donuts Inc. has invested $57 million in more than 300 applications,[30][31] while Famous Four Media has applied for 61 applications.[32]

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