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Saint Prosdocimus
Andrea Mantegna 018.jpg
Saint Prosdocimus, from the San Luca Altarpiece
Diedc. 100 AD
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Major shrineSanta Giustina Basilica, Padua
FeastNovember 7
AttributesDepicted as a bishop holding a jar. Sometimes he is shown with Saint Justina of Padua to whom he was a spiritual father according to a medieval source. He may be depicted wearing a Benedictine habit.

Saint Prosdocimus (Prosdecimus) of Padua (Italian: Prosdocimo, German: Prosdozimus) (d. November 7, ca. 100 AD) is venerated as the first bishop of Padua. Tradition holds that, being of Greek origin, he was sent from Antioch by Saint Peter the Apostle. He is thus often depicted in art with this Apostle. The cathedral at Feltre is dedicated to him and Saint Peter the Apostle, and the artist Il Pordenone (c. 1483 - 1539) created a work depicting Prosdocimus with Peter.

He evangelized the region and is said to have founded the parish church at Isola Vicentina.

His tomb is situated at the basilica of Santa Giustina at Padua. The chapel dedicated to him there was built over his tomb outside the walls of Padua. The church also once contained the relics of Prosdocimus's deacon, Saint Daniel, though these were moved to the Paduan church of Santa Sofia in the 11th century.

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