Urban Realm

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Urban Realm
Prospect (architecture magazine) cover Winter 2007.jpg
Winter 2007 cover
Frequency Quarterly
Circulation 4,000[1]
Publisher Urban Realm Ltd
Founder Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
Year founded 1922
Country Scotland
Language English
Website http://www.urbanrealm.com

Urban Realm is a planning magazine published in Scotland, with a focus on Scottish issues. The magazine was established as Prospect in 1922 by the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, and is the oldest architectural magazine in Scotland.[2] It was rebranded as Urban Realm to reflect the wider environment in which architecture operates, covering policy, planning, engineering, and strategic issues, as well as new buildings.[1] It is currently published by Urban Realm Ltd.

Carbuncle Awards[edit]

Since 2000, the magazine has promoted the Carbuncle Awards, aimed at highlighting poor design and planning in Scotland. The awards comprise the "Plook on the Plinth" award for "most dismal town", the "Pock Mark" award for the worst planning decision, and the "Zit Building" award for Scotland's most disappointing new building.[3] In 2005 the magazine published a list of the 100 best modern Scottish buildings.

Coatbridge famously won the award in 2007.[4] While reporting on its recent accolade as Scotland's most dismal town, BBC Scotland's arts correspondent Pauline McLean was heckled by a young ned, who hijacked the broadcast screaming 'Sikey Boys'.[5]


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