Prosperity (film)

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Prosperity (film).jpg
Poster of the film
Directed by Sam Wood
Produced by Irving Thalberg (uncredited)
Screenplay by Irving Thalberg
Starring Marie Dressler
Polly Moran
Anita Page
Norman Foster
Cinematography Leonard Smith
Edited by Le Vanway
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
  • November 12, 1932 (1932-11-12)
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $628,000[1]
Box office $1,514,000[1]

Prosperity is a 1932 American comedy-drama film starring Marie Dressler and Polly Moran. The two leading actresses play longtime matriarchal ladies comically sparring off each other, and trying to control their intertwined lives.


Maggie Warren (Dressler) inherited a family bank during the Depression and Lizzie Praskins (Moran) is one of her biggest depositors. Maggie’s son John is engaged to Lizzies's daughter Helen. All kinds of farces happen when the would-be mothers-in-law battle for setting the wedding's protocol including their different preferences of choosing the pastor to perform the ceremony.

As the story goes on, Lizzie has a panic attack based on rumors about the bank going to belly-up. She hysterically withdraws all her money causing all other customers in the bank to panic and they in return take out their money. The Warren family bank is forced to close. Maggie’s naive son gets swindled out of his mother’s bonds. As farces go, at the end the swindlers are caught and Maggie’s matriarchal resourcefulness with her wised-up son gets the bank solvent again, and the two matriarchal families are bonded with mirthful resolutions. [2][3][4]


Box office[edit]

According to MGM records the film earned $1,166,000 in the US and Canada and $348,000 elsewhere resulting in a profit of $378,000.[1]


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