Prostitution in Burkina Faso

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Prostitution in Burkina Faso is not specifically prohibited by the law, but soliciting and pimping are illegal[1] and Burkinabe society only accepts sexual intercourse within marriage.[2] In 2009, Voice of America reported that the number of prostitutes in Burkina Faso had increased as a result of the country's poverty.[3] The increase in prostitution has given rise to fears of an increase in the number of Burkinabés infected with HIV and AIDS. In 2007, 0.9% of the population were infected with HIV.[2]

Burkina Faso has been referred to as "a theatre of child labour" as a large number of children are trafficked into the country for forced prostitution as well as domestic work.[4] In 1990 the Burkina Faso government ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and there are laws against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The government has taken measures to ensure the safety of children against sexual abuse and exploitation, but it is still prevalent.[2]


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