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Prostitution in Egypt is illegal.[1] Police department officially combats prostitution but, like almost all other countries, prostitution exists in Egypt. The prostitutes in Egypt are Egyptian, Eastern European, and of many other nationalities.[2][3][4][5]


Heterosexual prostitution was legalised in Egypt in 1882 by the British occupying administration.[2] It was relatively more widely seen between approximately 1929 to 1958, a time of British occupation.

The prostitution system[edit]

The prostitution system in Egypt often depends on pimping, although women also work alone. Pimps in Egypt organize the work of a group of prostitutes and receive a percentage of their profits. This is called the network in Egypt. This system is mainly used in Cairo and Alexandria and other big cities.

Prostitution in the economy[edit]

As prostitution is illegal in Egypt, no taxes are paid. The law exposes people who practice adultery to a jail sentence up to six months. For prostitution, the sentence is up to 3 years. [6]


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