Prostitution in Namibia

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Prostitution in Namibia is illegal but a highly prevalent common practice.

Legalisation discussion[edit]

A number of prominent groups have called for the legalization or decriminalization of prostitution. In 2005, the Legal Assistance Centre, a Windhoek-based non-profit human rights organization, called for the decriminalization of prostitution as a means of cutting the country's high HIV-AIDS rate as well as a means for maintaining the human rights of the prostitute themselves.[1] Rights not Rescue, a sex workers organization is amongst those calling for decriminalisation.[2]

Many groups in Namibia actively oppose legalization and instead focus on providing skills to former sex workers. Some groups approach the issue from a religious perspective, arguing that Namibia's population is overwhelmingly Christian and therefore should not accept what they consider an immoral profession.[3]

Discussions in Parliament are usually controversial. An outspoken proponent of legalisation is Kazenambo Kazenambo, until 2015 Minister of Youth.[4]