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Prostitution in Switzerland is legal and regulated; it has been legal since 1942.[1][2] Licensed brothels, typically with a reception and leading to several studio apartments, are available. Street prostitution is illegal, except in specially designated areas in the major cities. Many workers operate using newspaper advertisements, mobile phones and secondary rented apartments. It is legal to advertise for "massages" in Swiss tabloid newspapers. Swiss sex workers pay VAT (value added tax) on their services and some accept credit cards. The majority of sex workers are foreigners from the Americas, Central Europe or the Far East. In recent years the number of full service sex workers has increased.

Full service sex work is legal over eighteen years of age, having been raised from 16 in 2013, However it is still only illegal to recruit teens between 16 and 18, but a person is still not liable for utilizing the services of a worker 16 or older [3][4] (see Article 196 of the Criminal Code of Switzerland [5]). Furthermore, the local authorities in Zurich installed carport-like constructions called Verrichtungsboxen or 'sex boxes' to protect street based sex workers. [6][7] In 2012, voters approved the creation of "sex boxes" in Zurich to control suburban sex work. These have recently been described as a "success" by local authorities after a year[8] but a number of sex workers who have seen their earnings decline, disagree.[9]

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