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Prostitution in the State of Palestine

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Prostitution in the State of Palestine is illegal, under Palestinian National Authority law.[1][2][3][4] Ramallah has a few prostitutes, but long-term abstinence is common, as premarital sex is seen as taboo in the territories.[5] A recent report by the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and SAWA-All the Women Together Today and Tomorrow, a Palestinian NGO, suggests that an increasing number of women are taking up prostitution in the face of poverty and violence.[6][7][8]


Under Ottoman rule, there were no laws on prostitution.[9]

After coming under British control during WW1, the attitude of the Authorities towards prostitution reflected those of Britain. Ordinances were issued in 1925 (under High Commissioner Herbert Samuel) and 1927 (under Herbert Plumer introduced laws on prostitution similar to those in Britain. Soliciting, living off the earnings of prostitutes and the keeping of brothels were outlawed.[9]

There is evidence that in WW2, military authorities regulated brothels for soldiers, including medical examinations.[9]

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