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Protégé Theatrical Poster
Traditional 門徒
Simplified 门徒
Mandarin Mén Tú
Cantonese Mun4 Tou4
Directed by Derek Yee
Produced by Peter Chan
Written by Derek Yee
Starring Andy Lau
Daniel Wu
Louis Koo
Zhang Jingchu
Anita Yuen
Music by Peter Kam
Cinematography Venus Keung
Chan Wai-lin
Edited by Kong Chi-leung
Distributed by Hong Kong:
Gala Film Distribution
Golden Village Pictures
Mediacorp Raintree Pictures
Release date
  • 13 February 2007 (2007-02-13) (Hong Kong)
  • 15 February 2007 (2007-02-15) (Singapore)
Running time
111 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK26,280,000

Protégé is a 2007 Hong Kong-Singaporean co-produced crime drama film written and directed by Derek Yee, starring Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo, Zhang Jingchu and Anita Yuen.


Undercover officer Nick had spent the last seven years penetrating into the core of a drug ring, working his way up from a street dealer post to the managerial position handling cargo deliveries for Kwan – the biggest player in the local heroin market. When the ailing Kwan makes Nick his protégé, Nick cannot help but sway before money and power and starts to perform his role like a real drug trafficker. This, together with his affair with heroin-addict Jane, causes Nick to become more and more confused about his true identity, and eventually leads to a disastrous end.

The film begins with a scene in a dark isolated rundown apartment building, showing a heroin addict living poorly with her young daughter. The scene then forwards to the perspective of Officer Nick who is suffering from loneliness just after completing an undercover assignment. He recalls the entire story of what happened and the events to lead to his emptiness.


Based on materials provided by retired undercover agents of the police force, Protégé attempts to realistically tell the story of undercover agents in the clandestine drug world, who struggle to constantly walk on the fine line between justice and crime, but who will never see the day of serving in the regular police force.

Critical reception[edit]

The film received generally positive reviews. Perry Lam, for example, wrote in Muse magazine, 'The movie is powerful precisely because it doesn't preach, and therefore spares us all the usual opinions, standard platitudes and naive assumptions about drug dealing and addiction.'[1]


DVD release[edit]

Region 1 DVD (US & Canada)

On 24 February 2009 Dragon Dynasty, released "Protégé" on Region 1 DVD:

Special Features:

  • Feature Length Audio Commentary with Hong Kong Cinema Expert Bey Logan
  • The Making of Protégé Undercover & Over the Edge: An Exclusive Interview with Leading Man Daniel Wu
  • Chasing the Dragon: An Exclusive Interview with Leading Lady Zhang Jingchu
  • The Dealer: An Exclusive Interview with Producer Peter Chan
  • Original Theatrical Trailer

Awards and nominations[edit]

Awards and nominations
Ceremony Category Recipient Outcome
27th Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film Protégé Nominated
Best Director Derek Yee Nominated
Best Screenplay Derek Yee, Chun Tin-nam, Lung Man-hong, Ko San Nominated
Best Actress Zhang Jingchu Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Andy Lau Won
Louis Koo Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Anita Yuen Nominated
Best New Performer Tse Chi-tung Nominated
Best Cinematography Venus Keung Nominated
Best Film Editing Eric Kong Won
Best Art Direction Yee Chung-Man, Kenneth Mak Nominated
Best Action Choreography Chin Ka-lok Nominated
Best Original Film Score Peter Kam Nominated
Best Sound Design Kinson Tsang Nominated
Best Visual Effects Ho Siu-lun, Chow Kim-hung, Ching Han-wong Nominated
44th Golden Horse Awards Best Director Derek Yee Nominated
Best Original Screenplay Derek Yee, Chun Tin-nam, Lung Man-hong, Ko San Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Louis Koo Nominated
17th Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild Best Screenplay Derek Yee, Chun Tin-nam, Lung Man-hong, Ko San Won
20th Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Most Outstanding Director Derek Yee Won
Most Recommended Film Protégé Won
12th Golden Bauhinia Awards Top Ten Chinese-language Film Protégé Won
14th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award Film of Merit Protégé Won

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  1. ^ Lam, Perry (February 2007). "The Good, the Bad and the Freakish". Muse (1): 77. 

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