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Protagonize Logo
Web address
Slogan Collaborative creative writing community - fiction, poetry, stories, and great reading!
Commercial Commercial
Type of site
Writing, Creative
Available in Multilingual
Users 29,000
Content license
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License
Owner tauntmedia
Launched December, 2007
Alexa rank
497,563 [1]
Current status Online

Protagonize[2][3] is an online creative writing community based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.[4] It was established in late December 2007.[5] It is owned and operated by Taunt Media.[6][7] The site caters to both amateur and experienced authors interested in online collaborative creative writing, and is currently home to over 43,800 works (pieces of writing) and 160,800 pages,[8] and over 29,000[9][10] members from around the world.


Protagonize is an online community and self-publishing platform, launched in December, 2007 by creator Nick Bouton [11] as a home for Choose Your Own Adventure-style branching stories.[12][13] Shortly after launch, the site began to allow for linear narrative as well, and has since expanded to include poetry, screenplays, and other forms of literature.

Following its subsequent growth, there has been an increasing focus on the community aspect of the site, with features such as groups and writing circles being added.[14]

In June 2008 Protagonize was selected as a finalist in the 2008 Canadian New Media Awards for "Excellence in Social Media Websites".[15]

In June 2009 Protagonize was one of seven local BC startups chosen to demo at Launch Party Vancouver 7 as part of the Startup Most Likely to Succeed competition.[16][17]

At least one published book started out life as a story on Protagonize.[18][19]

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