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Protean IDE (integrated development environment) is a highly functional program written by Rob Hutchinson to assist BlitzBasic programmers. It has full functionality with BlitzPlus, Blitz2D and Blitz3D. It has limited support for BlitzMax.

Although Protean was originally commercial software, Rob Hutchinson released it under one the Creative Commons licenses[clarification needed] due to lack of development updates. Both binary release and the source code are publicly released and available for download[citation needed]. Rob Hutchinson left a closing comment when development of Protean IDE terminated:

"A massive thank you to EVERYONE who bought Protean when it was commercial software, it would never have survived as long as it did without your support! Thanks to everyone on the Blitz Dev team for making an excellent product, and lets hope someone can produce something awesome from the source! I look forward to seeing what people come up with."

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