Protected areas of Albania

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Network of protected areas of Albania

The protected areas of Albania include 15 national parks, 5 Protected Landscape Areas, 4 Strict Nature Reserves, 26 Managed Nature Reserves, and other protected areas.[1] The largest national park of Albania is Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park which covers an area of around 33,000 hectares. Protected areas in general are scarcely equipped with trail markings and information centres, though reforms in administration are being implemented.

National parks[edit]

Protected Landscape Areas[edit]

  • M. Gropa-Biza-Martaneshi
  • Lumi Buna/Velipoje
  • Nikolice
  • Pogradec
  • Vjose-Narte

Strict Nature Reserves[edit]

  • Kardhiqi
  • Lumi i Gashit

Protected Area of Managed Natural Resources[edit]

  • Luzni-Bulaç
  • Piskal-Shqeri
  • Bjeshka e Oroshit
  • Guri i Nikës

Nature Monument[edit]

  • Bredhi i Sotirës
  • Zhej
  • Syri i Kaltër
  • Vlashaj

Managed Nature Reserves/Regional Nature Parks[edit]


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