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Network of protected areas of Albania

Albania has a total of 799 protected areas covering a surface of 4,600.61 km2. They include 15 national parks, 5 protected landscape areas, 4 strict nature reserves, 23 managed nature reserves, 2 nature and science reserves, 4 protected resource areas and 750 monuments of nature.[1] The largest national park of Albania is Fir of Hotovë-Dangëlli which covers an area of around 34,361 hectares. Main protected areas generally suffer from lack of information, maintenance, and illegal logging and hunting. However, these areas are gradually being equipped with trail markings, information centers, while a moratorium has revived the flora and fauna in some areas.[2]

National parks[edit]

Protected Landscape Areas[edit]

  • M. Gropa-Biza-Martaneshi
  • Lumi Buna/Velipoje
  • Nikolice
  • Pogradec
  • Vjose-Narte
  • Porto Palermo Bay-Llamani

Strict Nature Reserves[edit]

  • Kardhiqi
  • Lumi i Gashit

Protected Area of Managed Natural Resources[edit]

  • Luzni-Bulaç
  • Piskal-Shqeri
  • Bjeshka e Oroshit
  • Guri i Nikës

Nature Monument[edit]

Blue Eye Spring

Managed Nature Reserves[edit]

Regional Nature Parks (Park Natyror Rajonal)[edit]

Areas of National Importance[edit]

  • Tirana Greenbelt[3]
  • Coastline of Albania


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