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The Protected areas of Kyrgyzstan cover 1,476,121.6 hectares and account for 7.38% of the country's total area (2017). The first protected area in Kyrgyzstan was established in 1948. [1] According to the Government Decree on Priorities of Conservation of Biological Diversity and the relevant Action Plan for 2014-2024 the target area for the protected areas in Kyrgyzstan is 10 percent of the country’s area by 2024. [2]

As of 2017, 10 State Nature Reserves (Kyrgyz: Мамлекеттик Корук, Russian: Государственный Заповедник) (IUCN Category I) were established for nature conservation and scientific research. They prohibit any economic activity violating natural complexes. Overall, the natural reserves occupy an area of 509,952.7 hectares. There are 13 nature national parks (IUCN Category II) occupying 724,670.2 hectares, and 66 - other protected areas with a total area of 241,498.7 hectares including:

    • 23 - botanical reserves,
    • 10 - forest reserves,
    • 12 - game (zoological) reserves,
    • 19 - geological reserves
    • 2 - complex reserves [1]

Additionally, there is one Biosphere Area.

National Parks[edit]

In total, 13 State Nature National Parks (Russian: Государственный природный национальный парк) (IUCN Category II) occupy 724,670.2 hectares. In contrast to the state nature reserves, recreational uses are permitted in national parks.

Natural Monuments[edit]

Natural monuments (IUCN Category III) (Russian: Памятник природы (геологический заказник)) number 19.

Habitats/species management areas[edit]

The amount of habitat/species management areas (IUCN Category IV) in Kyrgyzstan is 49 including 23 - botanical reserves, 10 - forest reserves, 14 - game (zoological) reserves, 2 - complex reserves).[1]

Forest Reserves[edit]

Game (Zoological) Reserves[edit]

Botanical Reserves[edit]

Complex Reserves[edit]

State Nature Reserves[edit]

No Nature Reserve Established Province District Purpose
1 Issyk-Kul State Nature Reserve 10 December 1948 Issyk-Kul Province Tong District, Issyk Kul District Conservation of Ramsar wetlands
2 Sary-Chelek State Biosphere Nature Reserve 5 March 1959 Jalal-Abad Province Conservation of biodiversity and typical landscapes and unique Sary-Chelek Lake
3 Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve 21 March 1979 Jalal-Abad Province Chatkal District Conservation of the habitat of the Menzbier's Marmot and protection of West Tien-Shan flora
4 Naryn State Nature Reserve 29 December 1983 Naryn Province
5 Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve 1 March 1994 Naryn Province
6 Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve 10 March 1995 Issyk-Kul Province
7 Padyshata State Nature Reserve 3 July 2003 Jalal-Abad Province
8 Kulunata State Nature Reserve 11 August 2004 Osh Province
9 Karabuura State Nature Reserve 17 June 2005 Talas Province
10 Surmatash State Nature Reserve 27 June 2009 Batken Province


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