Protected areas of Tasmania

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Map of national parks in Tasmania

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia, and has many protected areas.

As of 3 September 2012 there were 584 pieces of reserved land (private and public) managed under the National Parks and Reserved Land Management Act 2002, equalling 2,584,126.33ha.[1] This Act recognises ten classes of reserved land, each with different management objectives.[2]

Land is also declared as reserves and/or protected under other state and federal Acts including the Regional Forest Agreement (Land Classification) Act 1998, Crown Lands Act 1976 and Forestry Act 1920.

Conservation areas[edit]

Generally IUCN Category V or VI

Game reserves[edit]

IUCN Category VI

Historic sites[edit]

National parks[edit]

Nature recreation areas[edit]

IUCN Category III, V or VI

Nature reserves[edit]

Regional reserves[edit]

IUCN Category VI

State recreation areas[edit]

IUCN Category III, II or Ia

Private nature reserves[edit]

Private sanctuaries[edit]

Marine nature reserves, Marine national parks and Marine conservation areas[edit]

(these are not separate reserve types)

Public Reserves[edit]

Forest reserves[edit]

Indigenous protected areas[edit]

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