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Protein was a punk, alternative, post-grunge, metal band formed in 1994 in San Francisco, California.

Forming their first band after they were kicked out of a San Francisco-area high school, vocalist/guitarist Josh Zee (the son of a professional folksinger) and drummer Dan Thompson played for several years in various local bands before forming the grungy alternative pop band Protein in 1994. The duo played several shows before replacing their part-time bassist with Russ Violet and made a good showing at a San Francisco music-industry showcase in 1996. Signed to Sony's Work subsidiary, Protein released their debut album, Ever Since I Was a Kid, in 1997. A second album, Songs About Cowgirls, was released in 1999.[1]


  • Josh Zee - Guitars/Vocals
  • Russ Violet - Bass
  • Dan Thompson - Drums/Vocals


Album Release Date
Ever Since I Was a Kid February 25, 1997[2]
Songs About Cowgirls July 13, 1999[3]


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