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Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Phylum: Cryptophyta
Class: Cryptophyceae
Order: Pyrenomonadales
Family: Geminigeraceae
B. L. Clay, P. Kugrens & R. E. Lee, 1999
  • Geminigera cryophila
  • Guillardia theta
  • Hanusia phi
  • Proteomonas pseudobaltica
  • Proteomonas sulcata
  • Teleaulax acuta
  • Teleaulax amphioxeia
  • Teleaulax merimbula

Geminigeraceae is a family of cryptophytes containing the five genera Geminigera, Guillardia, Hanusia, Proteomonas and Teleaulax.[1] They are characterised by chloroplasts containing Cr-phycoerythrin 545, and an inner periplast component (IPC) comprising "a sheet or a sheet and multiple plates if diplomorphic". The nucleomorphs are never in the pyrenoid, and there is never a scalariform furrow. The cells do, however, have a long, keeled rhizostyle with lamellae (wings).[1]


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