Protestant Reformed Cemetery, Warsaw

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Protestant Reformed Cemetery in Warsaw
Cmentarz ewangelicko-reformowany w Warszawie 09.JPG
Established 1792
Location Warsaw
Country Poland
Type Protestant cemetery

(Polish: Cmentarz Ewangelicko-Reformowany), The Evangelical Reformed Cemetery in Warsaw is a historic Calvinist Protestant cemetery located in the Wola district, western part of Warsaw, Poland.


The cemetery was established in 1792 and is located in the Wola district. The cemetery bore witness to many historical events: fighting on its premises took place during the Kościuszko Uprising of 1794, the November Uprising (1830-1831) and the Warsaw Uprising (1944). The fence, the monuments and the architecture of the cemetery were all destroyed during the last of the afore-mentioned events, and were rebuilt in the second half of the 20th century.

Despite the historical turmoil, many monuments of great artistic value have somehow managed to survive and still stand today - one of them being the Kronenberg Chapel, which is included in the National Historical Monument Register.

The Evangelical Reformed Cemetery is maintained by the Polish Reformed Church, but the cemetery is ecumenical and accepts interments from other Protestant denominations and members of the Church of England (Anglicans).

A monument dedicated to those killed during the Nazi occupation of Poland is made out of the rubble of destroyed tombstones.

Selected notable burials[edit]

A few of the notables buried here are:


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Coordinates: 52°14′22″N 20°58′23″E / 52.23944°N 20.97306°E / 52.23944; 20.97306