Protestant church of Damwâld-Moarrewâld

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Protestant church of Damwâld-Moarrewâld
Saint Boniface’s church
Sint Bonifatiuskerk Damwoude.jpg
Church of Damwâld-Moarrewâld
DedicationBefore the reformation, to Saint Boniface

The Protestant church of Damwâld-Moarrewâld or Saint Boniface’s church[1] is a religious building in Damwâld, one of the medieval churches in Friesland.

It is a Romanesque church built c. 1200 out of red brick with a straight closed choir dating from the early 16th century and a tower from the 13th century.[1] The pipe organ was built in 1895 by Bakker & Timmenga.[1]

The church is located on the Weg 4[2] and was once a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Boniface but became a Protestant church after the protestant reformation. It is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 11675.[3]

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Coordinates: 53°17′26″N 5°59′49″E / 53.29056°N 5.99694°E / 53.29056; 5.99694