Protestant church of Drogeham

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Protestant church of Drogeham
Saint Nicholas church
Kerk en Toren.JPG
Church of Drogeham
53°12′08″N 6°06′36″E / 53.2023°N 6.1101°E / 53.2023; 6.1101Coordinates: 53°12′08″N 6°06′36″E / 53.2023°N 6.1101°E / 53.2023; 6.1101
Dedication Before the Reformation, to Saint Nicholas
Materials Brick

The Protestant church of Drogeham or Saint Nicholas church[1] is a church in Drogeham, Netherlands. The current church was built in 1876 on the site of an older church build in the 13th century.[1] The church is built against the 13th century tower of the old church and on top of the tower it is a gable roof.[1] The old church was a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Nicholas but became a Protestant church after the Protestant Reformation.

The church located on Tsjerkebuorren 4.[2] and is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 7042 and is rated with a very high historical value.[3]


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