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In Greek mythology, Prothous (Πρόθοος) may refer to:

  1. Prothous, a son of Tenthredon and either Eurymache or Cleobule the daughter of Eurytus, commander of the Magnetes who dwelt arount mount Pelion and the river Peneus, was one of the Greek leaders in the Trojan War; he brought forty ships to Troy.[1] According to one version, Prothous, together with Meges and a number of others, died as a result of a shipwreck near Cape Caphereus of Euboea;[2] in another version, Prothous, Eurypylus and Guneus ended up in Libya and settled there.[3]
  2. Prothous, a son of the Aetolian Agrius, killed by Diomedes.[4]
  3. Prothous, a son of Lycaon of Arcadia.[5]
  4. Prothous, a son of Thestius and brother of Althaea.[6] He was one of the Calydonian Boar Hunters.
  5. Prothous, one of the suitors of Penelope, from Same.[7]
  6. Prothous of Argos, a warrior in the army of the Seven Against Thebes. He cast lots to assign places in the chariot race at the funeral games of Opheltes.[8]
  7. Prothous, a defender of Thebes against the Seven, killed by Tydeus.[9]


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