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Protistology is a scientific discipline devoted to the study of protists, a highly diverse group of eukaryotic organisms. Its field of study overlaps with more traditional disciplines of phycology, mycology, and protozoology, just as protists, which, being a paraphyletic group embrace algae, some organisms regarded previously as primitive fungi, and protozoa ("animal" motile protists lacking chloroplasts).

Dedicated academic journals include:

  • European Journal of Protistology (formerly Protistologica);[1]
  • International Journal of Protistology (Acta Protozoologica);[2]
  • Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology (formerly Journal of Protozoology);[3]
  • Protist (formerly Archiv für Protistenkunde);[4]
  • Protistology.[5]


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