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Proto Motors
Native name
HeadquartersSouth Korea
Productssports cars

Proto Motors (Korean: 프로토자동차) was a South Korean sports car manufacturer and coachbuilder.


Proto Motors was established in 1997 by the couple Han-chul Kim and Ji-sun Choi.[1] The company has forged partnerships with Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors, and GM Daewoo. In 2001, the company custom-made a convertible limousine for Cheongwadae (the Equus), the South Korean presidential residence.

Proto Motors introduced the Spirra (a production model of PS-ll) at the 4th Seoul Motor Show. In 2006, Proto Motors was acquired by Oullim Motors[1] and the development of the Spirra was continued, and in 2010 Proto Motors introduced the first Korea-made supercar.[2][3] In 2014, the Oullim Motors Spirra EV, the electric version of the Spirra, was introduced.[1]

Presently, the company specializes in redesigning existing models by developing electric cars or convertibles based on them. The company closed in 2017.[citation needed]


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