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Protoculture Inc, the publisher, used to be called IANVS Publications. It began as a group that made the fanzine Protoculture Addicts (which went commercial, and also started the company). The fanzine later went commercial and became a magazine, and the fan group became IANVS. At one point IANVS published a magazine called Mecha Press, which was focused on mecha, mecha toys and kits, and other things mecha. It also published the infamous Anime Shower Special (or Anime Shower) a special comic that featured shower scenes from anime and manga.[1]

Protoculture Addicts is now the primary raison d'être for the company.

Protoculture Inc. has also released the English adaptation of Anime - A Guide to Japanese Animation (1958-1988), an Italian book that chronicles every anime released (in Japan) between 1958 and 1988.

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