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Developer(s) ATEGRA Corp.
Stable release
Written in Python, JavaScript
Operating system Web browser, iOS
Available in English, Spanish, German
Type Rapid application development, IDE, PaaS
License PaaS

Protogrid is an integrated application development solution for the development and operations of information systems. It comprises a server and a client. The client is available for web browsers, iOS, and Android (as closed beta). Protogrid includes a development interface that allows for development of applications using rapid application development methods. On the back end there are NoSQL databases like CouchDB.[1] Business logic can be added to a Protogrid application using Javascript. With version 1.1 which was released in May 2016 a json API providing external access was introduced. Version 1.3 introduced new features that allow you to add your own actions and elements and create more individual applications.

Design Goals[edit]

Protogrid on multiple platforms

According to the web site of the developers[2] the goals were:

  • rapid application development: avoid the programming of standard stuff like table views, standard action buttons, menus etc.
  • cross platform development: any Protogrid application runs as it is on all platforms supported by Protogrid (at present: several web browsers and iOS)
  • multi language support: any Protogrid application can be translated within hours to any other language by a person with knowledge of the source and target language
  • ability to run off-line: any Protogrid application must be able to run off-line on a mobile device offering the full set of functionality


Names can be defined in multiple languages


Protogrid applications are supposed to be portable to all Protogrid clients without additional programming effort.

Touch screen optimization[edit]

Protogrid applications are optimized for touch screens.

Support for Responsive Design[edit]

Protogrid applications run on a range of screens starting from smartphones, tablets unto large screens. The fields and columns are automatically distributed.

Cloud based[edit]

The Protogrid back end server resides in a public or private cloud¨

Web enabled apps[edit]

Any Protogrid application runs in a browser as web app

Multi language support[edit]

As well Protogrid as Protogrid application allows for multi language support.

Support for off-line operations[edit]

A Protogrid application runs also without internet access. Data is synchronized automatically as soon as internet connection is available.

Data types supported[edit]

Text, Date with time, Number, Relations and Tables referencing other records.

JSON API[edit]

An API is provided that gives read and write access. [3]

User Login[edit]

Along with editing photographs, video clips or other multimedia, Photo Grid also enables users, to log in their account, upload photos or video clips, and share their thoughts on different topics. This feature is only available on the upgraded version of Photo Grid.

Upcoming Features[edit]

Additional features are intended to be implemented in the near future. This includes the support for Android and a native desktop client as well as client-side Javascript ScriptLibraries and diagrams that provide an overview over the data. [4]

Technologies used[edit]