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Protomartyr at Sled Island 2016
Protomartyr at Sled Island 2016
Background information
OriginDetroit, Michigan, U.S.
Years active2010–present
Associated actsButt Babies, Spray Paint, Tyvek, R. Ring, Kelley Deal
  • Joe Casey
  • Greg Ahee
  • Alex Leonard
  • Scott Davidson
  • Kelley Deal
Past members
  • Kevin Boyer

Protomartyr is an American rock band formed in 2008 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. It features Joe Casey on vocals, Greg Ahee on guitar, Alex Leonard on drums and Scott Davidson on bass guitar.


Prior to Protomartyr, Greg Ahee and Alex Leonard were performing as a duo, which was named Butt Babies. They were soon joined by Joe Casey, who started to perform on vocals at Butt Babies shows. Kevin Boyer of Tyvek joined Protomartyr on bass and second guitar for a short time before leaving the act due to the working schedules with his other band. As Scott Davidson joined the band on bass, Butt Babies transformed into Protomartyr.[1][2]

The band released their debut album, No Passion All Technique in 2012 via Urinal Cake Records.[2] This was followed by "Colpi Proibiti" in the same year, via X! Records.[2] Their second studio album, Under Color of Official Right, was released in April 2014 via Hardly Art record label.[3] A third studio album, The Agent Intellect, followed in October 2015.[4] The album was critically acclaimed, being rated 85/100 on accumulator website Metacritic,[5] and featured in best of 2015 lists in The A.V. Club,[6] Chicago Tribune,[7] Rolling Stone,[8] Metacritic,[9] Spin,[10] and Consequence of Sound.[11]

Protomartyr signed to Domino Records in 2017, and released fourth studio album, Relatives in Descent, on the label in September 2017.[12] The group's fifth album, Ultimate Success Today, was originally scheduled to follow in May 2020,[13] but was subsequently postponed to that July due to the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic.[14]

The band has extensively toured in the United States and Europe[15] and performed at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Pitchfork Music Festival, and others.[16]

Musical style[edit]

Protomartyr's music has been labeled as post-punk[1][16][17][18][19] and punk rock.[19] Josh Terry of Consequence of Sound stated that the band "blends the moody atmospherics of ‘70s U.K. post-punk with the raw sensibility of their Motor City garage-rock forebears."[18] The band's sound was compared to other post-punk acts such as Wire, the Fall, Pere Ubu, the Constantines and Iceage,[1][20] as well as local acts, most notably Tyvek.[19] Vocalist Joe Casey also expressed appreciation for Pere Ubu and the Fall.[1][2] His baritone vocals have been compared to Ian Curtis of Joy Division, Mark E. Smith of the Fall and Nick Cave.[2][18][21][22]


The band have been cited as an influence by contemporaries such as Shame,[23] Idles,[24] The Dirty Nil,[25] Vundabar[26] and The Devil Wears Prada.[27]

FRIGS,[28] Fontaines D.C.,[29] Bully,[30] Parquet Courts (whose A. Savage called Joe Casey "one of the best lead singers right now [...] His whole stage thing is awesome, but it’s not even a ‘thing’—it’s just who he is")[31] and Iggy Pop (who called them "the best band we’ve got in America right now [...]")[32][33] are fans of the band.

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Joe Casey – vocals
  • Greg Ahee – guitar
  • Alex Leonard – drums
  • Scott Davidson – bass guitar

Past members[edit]

  • Kevin Boyer (Tyvek) – bass, guitar

Touring members[edit]


Studio albums[edit]



  • "Dreads 85 84" (7") (2012, Urinal Cake Records)
  • "Colpi Proibiti" (7") (2012, X! Records)
  • "Dope Cloud" (2015, Hardly Art)
  • "Scum, Rise!" (2015, Hardly Art)
  • "Jumbo's (Live)" (2015, Joyful Noise)
  • "580 Memories" (2015, Joyful Noise)
  • "Born to be Wine" (2016, [adult swim])
  • "My Children" (2017, Domino)
  • "Don't Go To Anacita" (2017, Domino)
  • "Wheel of Fortune" (2018, Domino)
  • "Processed By The Boys" (2020, Domino)
  • "Worm In Heaven" (2020, Domino)
  • "Michigan Hammers" (2020, Domino)
  • "Old Spool and Gurges 1" (2020, fund-raising Bandcamp-only release of two previously-released songs: "Born to be Wine" and "French Poet")[35]

Split and collaborative releases[edit]

  • A Half Of Seven: "Blues Festival"/"Loud Underneath" (with R. Ring) (2015, Hardly Art)
  • Live At Vera: "Uncle Mother's"/"Barfuß durch die Scherben" (with Die Nerven) (2017, Roekie)
  • Irony Prompts A Party Rat: "Corinthian Leather"/"Bags & Cans" (with Spray Paint) (2018, Monofonus Press)
  • Telemetry at Howe Bridge: "Pontiac '87"/"Forbidden" (with Preoccupations) (2018, Domino)

Live albums[edit]

  • Rosé, A Fine Wine To Be Enjoyed By Couples Or Friends At Any Occasion (2012, Double Tapes)
  • Vari-Speed Mithridates (2013, Gold Tapes)
  • Dredging The Grotto (2015, none)


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