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Proudfoot & Bird et al. was an American architectural firm or partnership that designed many buildings in the U.S. Midwest. Partners included Willis Thomas Proudfoot (1860–1928) (who also went by W.T. or Willis T., and, confusingly, by William T.) and George Washington Bird (1854–1953) and Harry Dustan Rawson (1872–1934). At times it was known as Proudfoot, Bird and Rawson, Proudfoot, Rawson & Souers, Proudfoot, Rawson, Souers & Thomas or Monheim, Bird & Proudfoot.[1]

A large number of their buildings which survive are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.[2] Many or all of these were listed as part of one 1988 study and multiple property submission.[2][3] In 1988 there were 25 known surviving Proudfoot, Bird & Rawson buildings in Des Moines alone.[3]:10

Their works include:[2]

Other buildings associated with the firm:

  1. Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, Des Moines
  2. Carnegie libraries in Iowa
  3. Memorial Union and Beardshear Hall[6] at Iowa State University, Ames
  4. United States Post Office and Courthouse, Dubuque, Iowa
  5. Des Moines City Hall
  6. Seven Oaks, Sac City, Iowa[7]

See "Architectural Legacy of Proudfoot & Bird in Iowa MPS" and other MPS documents cited in articles.


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