Provadiya River

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Provadiya River (Провадийска река)
Provadiya River
Origin Ludogorie Plateau, north of Shumen, Bulgaria 43°26′11″N 26°50′29″E / 43.43639°N 26.84139°E / 43.43639; 26.84139
Mouth Lake Devnya, ultimately the Black Sea 43°10′57″N 27°38′58″E / 43.18250°N 27.64944°E / 43.18250; 27.64944
Basin countries Bulgaria
Length 119 km
Basin area 2,132 km²

The Provadiya River (Провадийска река, Provadiyska reka, taking its name from the town of Provadiya) is a river in northeastern Bulgaria. It is 119 km long and has a drainage basin of 2,132 km². The river takes its source from close to the village of Dobri Voynikovo in Shumen Province, flowing southeast and then making a sharp turn northeast to empty into Lake Devnya at Devnya. It is part of the Black Sea drainage area, as Lake Devnya is connected to Lake Varna and it to the Black Sea.