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Cover of Proverbium.
Sample books from the Proverbium Supplement Series, not in consecutive order.

Proverbium: Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship (ISSN 0743-782X) is an academic journal covering paremiology, the study of proverbs. It is published annually by the University of Vermont and was established in 1985. Since volume 2, the editor-in-chief is Wolfgang Mieder. Each volume includes articles on proverbs from around the world, reviews of books, a bibliography of recent proverb scholarship, and a list of recently (re)published proverb collections.[1]

The journal succeeded Proverbium: Bulletin d'Information sur les Recherches Parémiologiques[2] (ISSN 0048-5667), which was established by Matti Kuusi and published occasionally by the Finnish Literature Society between 1965 and 1975.[3] The journal is one of two ongoing proverb journals listed as a significant source for proverb studies in Proverbs: a Handbook (page 258).[4] It is also listed as one of a list of "Proverb Resources" by the Cog Web site.[5] Also, it is the only current journal listed by the University of Chicago's Defining Wisdom project in their Wisdom Literature Review.[6] It is one of only two journals cited by the International Association of Paremiology on their website.[7] Proverbium is indexed by the MLA International Bibliography, RILM Abstracts of Music International, and Russian Academy of Sciences Bibliographies.

In addition to the journal itself, there is a "Supplement Series" of volumes published by Proverbium. So far, 35 volumes have been published in this book series.

Many of the back issues of Proverbium are now available online: Proverbium online


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