Providence Grays (minor league)

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1914 Providence Grays with Babe Ruth

The minor league Providence Grays was the name of several minor league baseball teams between 1886 and 1949. These teams were unconnected to the Major League Baseball Providence Grays.

The first minor league Grays were members of the Eastern League in 1886, playing at the Messer Street Grounds. The team folded in June. In 1894, a team from Providence joined the Eastern League again, this time known as the Providence Clamdiggers. That team also lasted only one season.

The third Providence team was a bit more successful, joining the EL in 1899 as the Clamdiggers, then changing its name to the Grays soon thereafter. That team remained in operation through 1919, at which point the EL had become the International League. The team moved back to the new Eastern League in 1918. Babe Ruth played for this version of the Grays in 1914.

The Grays returned to the Eastern League again in 1926 as the Providence Rubes before changing back to "Grays" in 1927. This team lasted until 1930. Finally, in 1946, the Providence Chiefs were formed as members of the New England League, who also changed their name to the "Grays" in 1948 before folding after the 1949 season.