Province of Florence

Coordinates: 43°46′17″N 11°15′15″E / 43.77139°N 11.25417°E / 43.77139; 11.25417
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Provincia di Firenze
Province of Kingdom of Italy and Republic of Italy
Flag of Province of Florence
of Province of Florence
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Map highlighting the location of the province of Florence in Italy
 • Coordinates43°46′17″N 11°15′15″E / 43.77139°N 11.25417°E / 43.77139; 11.25417
• 2014
3,514 km2 (1,357 sq mi)
• 2014
• Established
• Disestablished
31 December 2014
Today part ofMetropolitan City of Florence

The province of Florence (Italian: provincia di Firenze) was a province in the northeast of Tuscany region of Italy. The city or comune of Florence was both the capital of the Province of Florence, and of the Region of Tuscany. It had an area of 3,514 square kilometres (1,357 sq mi) and a population of 1,012,180 as of 31 December 2014.[1] The territory of the province was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.[2]

In 2015 the province was replaced by the Metropolitan City of Florence.


The Province of Florence was bordered by the Province of Bologna in the north, the Province of Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena in the north-east, the provinces of Prato, Pistoia, Pisa and Lucca in the west; the Province of Siena in the south and the Province of Arezzo in the east and southeast.[3] Much of the province lied in the plain of the Arno river.


List of presidents of the province of Florence[edit]

  President Term start Term end Party
1 Mario Fabiani 1951 1962 Italian Communist Party
2 Elio Gabbuggiani 1962 1970 Italian Communist Party
3 Luigi Tassinari 1970 1975 Italian Communist Party
4 Franco Ravà 1975 1980 Italian Socialist Party
5 Renato Righi 1980 1981 Italian Socialist Party
6 Oublesse Conti 1981 1985 Italian Communist Party
7 Alberto Brasca 1985 1990 Italian Communist Party
8 Mila Pieralli 1990 1995 Italian Communist Party
Democratic Party of the Left
9 Michele Gesualdi 1995 1999 Italian People's Party
The Daisy
1999 2004
10 Matteo Renzi 2004 2009 The Daisy
Democratic Party
11 Andrea Barducci 2009 2014 Democratic Party


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