Province of Prussia

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Province of Prussia of the Kingdom of Prussia
Provinz Preußen
Province of Prussia



Location of Province of Prussia
Province of Prussia (red), within the Kingdom of Prussia, within the German Empire
Capital Königsberg
54°44′N 20°29′E / 54.733°N 20.483°E / 54.733; 20.483Coordinates: 54°44′N 20°29′E / 54.733°N 20.483°E / 54.733; 20.483
 •  Established 1829
 •  Disestablished 1878
 •  1871 62,528 km2 (24,142 sq mi)
 •  1871 3,137,545 
Density 50.2 /km2  (130 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions Danzig

The Province of Prussia (German: Provinz Preußen; Kashubian: Prowincjô Prësë) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1829–1878. It was created by combining the provinces of East Prussia and West Prussia.


To differentiate East Prussia (the territory of the former Duchy of Prussia) from the larger Kingdom of Prussia, "Province of Prussia" was also used as a designation for the region after the crowning of King Frederick I of Prussia in 1701.

Following the First Partition of Poland in 1772, the provinces of East and West Prussia were created in 1773. East Prussia was created out of the former Duchy of Prussia and Ermland, while West Prussia was created out of most of former Royal Prussia.

On April 13, 1824, the Provinces of Prussia and West Prussia were joined in a personal union, and from December 3, 1829, in a real union. On April 1, 1878, the united Province of Prussia was divided back into the Provinces of West Prussia and East Prussia.