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The seven provinces of Costa Rica

According to Article 168[1] of the Constitution of Costa Rica, the political divisions are officially classified into 3 tiers of sub-national entities.


The Constitution of Costa Rica states, "For Public Administration purposes, the national territory is divided into provinces, these into cantons and cantons into districts." The country consists of 7 provinces (provincias), 82 cantons (cantones), and 473 districts (districtos).[2]

List of provinces[edit]

Flag Province Map Capital Area (km2) Population Human Development Index 2015[3]
Bandera de la Provincia de Alajuela.svg Alajuela Alajuela in Costa Rica.svg Alajuela 9,757 885,571 0.778
Bandera de la Provincia de Cartago.svg Cartago Cartago in Costa Rica.svg Cartago 3,124 490,903 0.786
Bandera de la Provincia de Guanacaste.svg Guanacaste Guanacaste in Costa Rica.svg Liberia 10,141 354,154 0.755
Bandera de la Provincia de Heredia.svg Heredia Heredia in Costa Rica.svg Heredia 2,657 433,677 0.807
Bandera de la Provincia de Limón.svg Limón Limon in Costa Rica.svg Puerto Limón 9,189 386,862 0.735
Bandera de la Provincia de Puntarenas.svg Puntarenas Puntarenas in Costa Rica.svg Puntarenas 11,266 410,929 0.741
Bandera de la Provincia de San José.svg San José San Jose in Costa Rica.svg San José 4,966 1,404,242 0.792
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